ČERVA design s.r.o. is a Czech company founded by Michal Červa, who is the leading designer of all articles. Our products are top-quality handmade glass items, either for daily use or for enjoyment. All the product range is being made from the Bohemian Crystal by hand-blowing traditional method. Some of the products are being produced with a special wooden mold, which ensure the shape. There are also unique solitaires, which are being produced manually without a mold, so every single piece is unique, the dimensions are only approximate. Michal is combining traditional techniques of mouth-blowing glass with modern methods of sandblasting or brushing and cutting. The designs are also combination of floral and nature-inspired products, to simple and clear shapes.

Attributes & Product Care

Our glassware is handmade in the Czech Republic. As a result of the handmade techniques, each glass is unique original and each piece slightly varies from the other. Marginal varieties and imperfections in shapes and decor application, as well as slight variances in color hues or minor imperfections are acceptable, as they are characteristic for handmade production. Please always hand-wash your crystal products with soft sponge and mild detergent without using a dishwasher as it may scratch the crystal surface. Carefully manipulate crystal products making sure to avoid surface scratching. Avoid products from contact with hard and sharp objects. Products must not be placed in the microwave or conventional oven as they may be damaged. Colored or painted products – please avoid the colored or painted exterior from contact with responsive substances such as various acids, a chemical reaction may occur that could damage the outer surface. Use polishing preparations to prevent influence of the natural process of gold and platinum oxidation.

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